How to request a starting time for an LIGA event

The LIGA will try to accommodate your request for a specific starting time for some LIGA events (usually on Day One* of the event). In order to make such a request, send an email to prior to the closing date for entries. We will acknowledge receipt of your e-mail. If you use our online tournament entry system, do not assume that a request made through that system will be sufficient. An e-mail specific to the event is the surest way to make certain we have your request in hand when we create the starting times. Once starting times are posted, we will not make changes.

*- Multiple-day events usually have specific starting requirements for Day Two and beyond; therefore, we do not usually consider starting time requests for those days. The Long Island Open is an exception: due to the “morning - afternoon / 1st Tee - 10th Tee” method of assigning starting times for Days One and Two, you may request a starting time for either Day One or Day Two, not both. Other events may have shotgun starts; of course, no starting time requests will be considered for those events.